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Welcome to Adaptive Arts Academy, where we believe every child is an artist in their own unique way. Our experienced and passionate instructors provide a safe and encouraging environment for children to explore their creativity and develop their artistic skills. Give your child the gift of art and watch them grow!

Child Art
Kids Corner

- Foundation Celebrations -

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Ongoing Courses

Origami Workshop

Our origami workshop is perfect for those who want to explore the art of paperwork creations. Our classes cover various techniques and materials, along with the introduction of geometrical concepts.

Drawing & Painting

Our drawing and painting classes are perfect for those who want to express themselves through classic art forms. Our classes cover different techniques and styles, from watercolor to charcoal.

Illustration & Graphic Design

If you have a passion for storytelling and visual communication, our illustration and graphic design classes are perfect for you. Our classes cover various techniques and software, from Adobe Illustrator to digital painting.

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