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Digital Photography

Duration (C / D)

5/10 Weeks

Certificate Course



Diploma Course




Certificate / Diploma

Digital Photography

The Diploma in Fine Arts is a suitable course for you if you have an interest in creative arts and photography. If you want to make a promising career in this field, this is a certificate-level course that contains specialization in photography - both commercial and art.

In the Basics of photography Course, you’ll  find:

  • 20 lessons and more than 80 pages

  • Photographic examples in each lesson

  • Infographics to understand everything easily

  • The best photography tips and tricks

  • More than 30 photographic resources and additional content

The Couse will focus on the following areas:

Your Instructor

Art teachers and art classrooms accept students for who they are and what they create. Art students process their feelings, tell stories, make sense of political and social turmoil, and express their inner worlds through their work. We don't always have to understand each other's art or even like it but the teacher ensures that artistic expression is upto the mark.

Brad Grecco

Brad Grecco

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