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Duration (C / D)

5/10 Weeks

Certificate Course



Diploma Course




Certificate / Diploma


The Diploma in Fine Arts is a suitable course for you if you have an interest in painting or sketching & want to make a promising career in this field. This is a certificate-level course that contains specialization in painting of all kinds.

Appreciation of painting techniques, and exposure to works of some of the great masters, such as Claude Monet, is the goal of this class. The students will get hands on painting time to create a painting of their choice.

This class is for ages from first grade onward. We begin the class with an overview of famous artists or Great Master works of art in the discipline that we are studying. We will use this as a model to aspire to, or a genre to work within, such as portraits, or landscapes We will view great master Claude Monet’s landscapes, for instance .The students will choose from a choice of scenes that are presented to them: a bridge and lake, water lillies, etc. .

They will work on this example or a similar one of their own if they are of the age to make that decision. For elementary school age children, we will work as a class on one subject, such as a face. We will work it up as a class with the teacher demonstrating and helping. The students will have a finished piece when done to take with them. Each class has studio time in which the student will use art materials to create a work of art. For this class, students will draw onto canvas paper with pencil, and mix a palette of simple colors in which to paint with. Brushes of various sizes or palette “knives” will be used to apply paint to the canvas. Palette knives are blunt instruments, like butter knives, which spread paint onto a surface. The instructor demonstrates the techniques needed to complete a work of art, and will bring in several examples of finished and unfinished art to display and teach from.

The instructor will work with each student to guide them into making a piece of art in any style and genre they choose: landscape, portrait, abstract, etc. The instructor provides examples that can be used to copy from that are generic, or copyright – free. Students are instructed how to enlarge and prepare their own personal images for their work of art. By tracing their photos, or using an overhead projector, their own images can be enlarged and ready to draw. We will use a generic starter kit of water based paint, and basic canvas paper, brushes/ palette knife, pencil and eraser. Students may supply their own art supplies if desired

Your Instructor

Art teachers and art classrooms accept students for who they are and what they create. Art students process their feelings, tell stories, make sense of political and social turmoil, and express their inner worlds through their work. We don't always have to understand each other's art or even like it but the teacher ensures that artistic expression is upto the mark.

Camilla Jones

Camilla Jones

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